US Facebook id sell



I want to sell facebook Active account. Many people are selling fake accounts. Some people take all payment and don’t give the accounts. But i will give you real accounts and will deliver within max 24 hours. I see many sellers who don’t give the products, just take the money and give excuses. But trust me i will give you the accounts. Here is lowest scale.

1. USA girl name
2. USA full status, city, university, home town etc
3. One girl 4+ pic… not model,must usa girl looks real
4. Age….
5. Firends list 3000+……….and 100% Active ….
6. Email must login accease. Such that /yahoo/gmail/hotmail/
7. Account warranty  24 h after sell…

if you need Active  facebook id call me 01959436066

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    Good job id is 100 % active i like it ….

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    wow gret job your id is 100% active . i like it….