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                                                               Privacy Policy Blogs started out as ordinary people talk about an independent platform, where all their thoughts, opinions, creativity will be able to exchange. As thought-wing extreme (radical) or conservative (conservative), whether we support the freedom of expression, as long as it does not violate state law or freedom of another person.

If society could be considered pornographic photo posts will be removed entirely from the first page.

Sometimes the use of the word in reference to the writings of some of the important things that may be required, which is not acceptable to people of all ages, or class, but it is quite important to discuss; However, the post title or the content of the offending words from the first page that will force us to remove any post.

No freedom of speech or thought we did not want to become an obstacle. Critical thinking, conflict, or may have a blogging community, but this clash, thoughts or ideals beyond the limits to such individuals when it takes the form of a clash is not indicative of a clean environment. This blog site will fix bloggers environment; We are fluent in several kurucipurna bloggers blog for a healthy community can not influence. And the squares of the conflict in writing to the offending posts, bloggers avoid it because it talks about the means to increase the importance of this kind of messy post. We hope everyone will take away their conflicts with empathy, patience-and the need for the development of our nation that unity will be achieved. Happy bloging !