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A Series Of Cooking Classes At Baltimore’s Phillips Seafood Restaurant

This prix- fixe menu provides more dinner-like fare, but the special menu starts at 11:30 am and runs all day. Options consist of shrimp cocktail, smoked salmon frittata, angel hair herb, primavera and veal sausage wellington, packed shrimp and far more. Bring your cravings! Our food came out on bigger, fish-shaped meals that held a certain beauty. The plate of ...

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Cook, Crack & Eat Cooking Classes Returns To Phillips Seafood

The majority of Snow Crab comes precooked, makings your life much easier. Just fill up 2/3 of the stockpot with water (and whatever dried spices you choose – e.g. bay leaves, garlic, onion powder, etc.) and let it boil for roughly 3 minutes, till the shell turns intense red. (If you do occur to acquire uncooked Snow Crab, the very ...

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