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philips sonicare 3 series gum health reviewSonic Technology leaves your teeth feeling incredibly clean. However, dental health is perhaps the most important because a healthy mouth can help you to avoid other health problems caused by the lack of dental hygiene. It is a misconception that too much brushing using an electric toothbrush can harm an already damaged tissue. As years passed, the chew stick evolved into a pencil like tool, one end was pointed and used to pick the teeth and the other end was chewed making it soft and turning it into a brush-like fiber.

Ratings and reviews – There is lots of information online about electric toothbrushes. If you treasured this article so you would like to be given more info regarding electric toothbrush reviews kindly visit the web site. For daily maintenance, you will only need hot water, dish detergent and small scrub brush. In two minutes your teeth are cleaned with a sonic toothbrush. Paying for implanting all of the teeth might be a lot of money as high as $1,000 USD.

Avoid using toothpastes which use artificial compounds such as saccharin and sodium lauryl sulfate as these can damage teeth, feed bacteria and have a negative effect on health. Both are effective on your teeth and remove strains easily leaving white and shiny teeth. This is just a matter of preference, although more dentists would recommend the Sonicare. However the oral B has a built in alert to warn you up to ten days before you will need new brush heads, where the Sonicare lacks this feature.

When the Second World War broke out, the soldiers were stationed abroad for so long that brushing the teeth became a habit. It is because the toothbrushes are designed in a way which would not consume a large amount of battery. It has a sensor that can differentiate a variety of pressure while brushing. As long as you are armed with the proper information, making your final decision won’t be a difficult task.