Cancer Awareness Jewelry: Hope and Charm Bracelets

bands of americaIn recent years, the ongoing battle for a breast cancer cure has gained notoriety as more and more lives have become touched by the devastating emotional and physical trials of cancer. Yet where the malignancy of cancer lurks, supportive movements such as the recent
popularization of Cancer Awareness Jewelry prevail, helping to sustain the fight against the disease and fortify the battle for a cure.

Whereas the ongoing battle for a breast cancer cure has been made famous with the pink ribbon campaign, Cancer Awareness Jewelry is taking the power of hope and strength to new heights with innovative designs. Such jewelry can provide an ideal way in which to extend both emotional and practical support for those living with cancer. Treasured bracelets, earrings, anklets, or rings allow both friends and families of cancer survivors – as well as those undergoing treatment, to celebrate the power of hope and the beauty of strength.
The following list details awareness colors and the cancers which these colors represent:
Black – Melanoma
Burgandy – Multiple Myeloma
Brown – Colorectal
Clear – Lung Cancer, Emphysema
Dark Blue – Colon Cancer
Grey – Brain Cancer & Tumors
Green – Kidney Cancer, Bone Marrow
Gold -Childhood Cancer
Lavender – General Cancer Awareness
Light Blue – Prostrate Cancer, Thyroid Cancer & Disease
Lime Green – Lymphoma
Orange – Leukemia
Peach – Uterine Cancer
Pink – Breast Cancer
Purple- Pancreatic Cancer
create wristbands Red – Multiple Mylenoma
Teal – Ovarian Cancer, Cervical Cancer
White – Bone Cancer
Yellow – Bladder and Liver Cancers

Awareness and support can be demonstrated in a myriad of ways: from the spelling out of empowering words such as “hope” and “strength” to a color theme displaying direct support for research of make your own silicone wristband maker –, a specific cancer. For instance, a friend or family member fighting ovarian cancer might greatly appreciate a beautiful teal ribbon bracelet set with Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls or a necklace with hand-set crystal on a toggle link bracelet. A sterling silver bracelet decorated with gray crystals and a silver ribbon charm is an encouragement for someone fighting brain cancer. The Angel of Hope symbol is another popular choice for a cancer survivor or someone going through treatment. Cancer survivor rings in sterling silver send a powerful message of hope and celebration for loved ones whose cancer is in remission.

Furthermore, a charm bracelet adorned with party supplies store a breast cancer charm, the birthstone of the recipient, and other symbolic charms are a wonderful reminder of support and love during a challenging time. From the causes of cancer to the potential cures, Cancer Awareness charm bracelets allow for women to stand proud in their support of those in their lives affected tyvek wristbands by cancer. Charms can be added as a visible sign of support for the cure to a personal self-reward for those undergoing treatment to a testament of those lost to a disease which continues to claim lives.

Today, more than ever, everyone knows someone who has received a cancer diagnosis. It’s impact is far-reaching. Fortunately, the work for a cure reaches far and wide as well. Where cancer lurks, hope can and does prevail. Cancer Awareness Jewelry provides significant and visible way to support loved-ones affected by cancer. A carefully chosen piece of jewelry can provide humor, inspiration and strength for cancer patients and their families.

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