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কিছু মানুষ থাকে যাদের নিয়ে পৃথিবীর কখনোই মাথাব্যথা থাকে না। এমনকি তারা কখনো পৃথিবীর মাথাব্যথার উপশমও করতে পারে না। নিতান্তই একটা আধফাটা ফুটবলের মত একজনের পা থেকে আরেকজনের মাথায় ঘুরে বেড়ায়। আমি সেই দলের অন্যতম সদস্য।

Nokia 6.1 Plus Brand New (Black 64 GB)

DESCRIPTION ( Nokia 6.1 Plus (Black, 64 GB) ) Mirror Like Selfies Like what you see? Capture it in high detail with the perfectly balanced 16 MP front camera – it’s like looking into a mirror. It takes beautiful selfies even in low light. Also capture what’s happening in front of and behind the camera simultaneously with Dual-Sight mode. Amazing HDR ...

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Do you see any fear in the eyes of the deer ?

The photo won the Best Picture award. The photographer went into depression after taking the picture. The cheetahs chase the mother deer and her two cubs. The mother deer easily catches itself to the cheetahs but she could have run away but she did not do so so that her two cubs could escape. The picture shows the mother deer, ...

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